The First Day Back From Holiday!

Ok… So I’ve been away for a week on holiday, visiting family and friends in my hometown of Sydney. I had such a great time, eating out and drinking catch up’s , and I totally let myself have the week off. BUT. Now i’m back and the holiday is over, it’s time to get my head back in the game…

My point, you ask; well I totally believe that you need to give yourself a break every now and then. I’m not saying that you should reward yourself with food and alcohol, however if this is what you enjoy doing, then you should do it. The hardest part for most people is knowing when the break is over. I totally get it and I’ve been there, the holiday continues for another month when you get home. Learning to break these habits are really hard and we all fall of the wagon. Mindset is so important! Understanding your weakness and getting through them is what makes you rock solid in your mind.

So today is my first day back on the Fat Flush… I have a really important goal to get to before the end of the year and I’m sooooooo close. I will explain in another post. I’m feeling strong and confident and I know i can do this. I have the support from my Fat Flush Fam in the Forum and I know that we are all doing this for the same reason.

So watch this space!

Tee xx

Mum of 2 Jenelle

Since being on the fat flush I have lost 3kg. Tee helped me to lose 3kg prior to that, so in Jan 17 I was 62kg and in Oct 17 I’m 56kg, Now I’m 54kg. Not a huge amount of weight to lose but on a short/small person, 6kg really does show! My muffin top would roll on top of my jeans, my butt would wobble out of the bottom of my bathers and my arms would wobble. Now I love the feeling of being lighter, my stomach doesn’t roll over my jeans and also because of the food I actually feel lighter, rather than that hungry, then totally stuffed full feeling.

Besides weight loss my mental approach to food and fitness has changed. When you have kids it’s very hard to put yourself first. But by putting food and exercise at the top of my to do list, I’m helping myself and my family.
The meal plans are easy and simple to follow.  I’m mostly vegetarian, husband is a meat eater and the kids are fussy. Meals used to consume me, seriously! So the one thing we all liked was pasta and it’s quick and easy. But those days are gone. The FF meal program makes you organized and I’m not cooking for hours from difficult recipes. I don’t even look at the meal plan anymore, I know what I can consume and I can make a week worth of meals in a short space of time.
Prior to the program I would squeeze a couple of gym sessions in a week, around work and kids and FIFO husband. But that was just maintaining my wobbly bits, not making them disappear. This is a no excuses program. I’m a busy working Mum, kids aren’t at full time school and my husband is FIFO. These aren’t excuses anymore that get in the way of my health and fitness program. The FF program is so easy that it fits around our busy lives.
The exercise program is easy and ranges from short at home sessions to longer walks or runs to get you moving. Two months ago I couldn’t run 1km. Now I can run 6km and I’m working up to 10km as I have entered in a running event. Two weeks ago I ran in a 5km event and came third in my division. Two months ago I said “I can’t run, I hate running”.
The Forum is a great support. I’m a private person but as this is a forum only for FF I have communicated a lot and have found it worthwhile. There is no pressure to post your ‘before’ photos and I certainly didn’t at the start! When I took those photos I was so embarrassed about those wobbly bits I didn’t even want to look at them myself! But now I’m 56kg, I went a brought myself a bright red bikini and took photos and posted my before and after photos all over that forum!
The forum is great for ideas for food and exercise as well as to communicate when you are perhaps having a ‘meh’ moment. One time I was really wanting a glass of champagne. My mum was coming over, it was the end of a work day, the sun was shining. The champagne devil was in my head. I had a quick scroll through my phone and someone had posted a pic on the forum of their Friday night drink – a soda with lime and mint. It looked so good it’s what I had for my Friday night drink too.
The FF program is easy, cheap and flexible. Whether you’re 50kg over weight or 5kg overweight it can help you. This program has helped me achieve my goals and I’m not broke or starving and I still have a life and have that occasional dinner and drinks with friends.

Give Some Love To Tania!

Signing up with Tee was my last ditch effort before getting a Gastric Lap Band.
Tee was the first person that made me believe that I could lose weight, get healthy and fit. I learnt how to eat and exercise and together with tee’s enthusiasm and patience I reached my goal of losing 28 kg and without a lap band!

Ps. Serge and I love you Tee for the beautiful generous person you are and for what you have taught me. Don’t ever change gorgeous lady xxoo

This is Bob!



I’m on the cusp of turning 50 next year and yes, my metabolism is slowing down. My waistline naturally wants to expand with some of the food and beer I love and have loved for years and was putting on an average of 1kg a year. By the time I am 60 I’ll be 10-15kg heavier….in the waistline no doubt.

I’m fortunate to have a wife, Jacqui, who keeps reminding me of my diet and through the Geofit family we both started the Fat Flush 2 months ago. We lasted the month and both lost 5-6kg! Such joy and so rewarding after the hard work of resisting all the temptations of everyday life. It’s a great feeling when my pants get too big and the belt buckle tightens up a notch.

So since we finished the first month we sort of indulged with the beer and wine lifestyle but you know the great thing is we are still aware of what food we are putting in our mouths. Our meal plans and portions were somewhat similar so I guess we picked up the habit from the Fat Flush program although some of the favourite stodgy food creeps in, but less of it.

Now this week I have somehow been convinced by Jacqui to start another month so I jumped on the scales yesterday and was surprised I had only gained about half a kilo since we finished the first round. Jacqui had remained about the same so onwards to the next 5kg reduction for us.

Thanks Tee for introducing us to this way of thinking and thanks Sharon for the fun fitness program.

The Professional Dieter…

There is lots of advice out there about diets… This can be really tricky when you are on one, because everyone has an opinion about what you are doing and what you are not doing.

For me as a personal trainer, it makes my job really hard when I put my clients on my Fat Flush. They often want to alter it because of other diets they have been on in the past, and because of advice they have been given from someone else. The truth of the matter is, 99% of diets work! Yep… you heard me, they work. What dos’nt work is when you jumble them all up together. You have to make a choice and commit to it 100% for it to work for you.

Ive been on a diet for as long as I can remember… my first experience of a diet was when I was 7 and found my mums diet pills. I decided to take one to see if I would miraculously get skinny… I was a fat kid. Well the pill didn’t work, it just gave me a massive migraine all day at school. Since then I have tried every diet there is, yes I am a professional dieter! Like most people who are overweight and unhappy with themselves, you want a solution, you want to be thin, you want to feel happy and you believe you will do anything to get it. This however is not the case, we start a “diet” ant stick to it for as long as we can before something gets in the way , or you get advice from someone telling you that the “diet” you are on is too high in fat, or that its too low in protein bla bla bla… so you fall off the wagon, and stay fat.

Finding the right diet is like finding the right partner… it is a very personal choice. What works for some doesn’t always work for others. You have to make the decision to stick to the diet you have chosen and commit to it 100% and not try and mix 7 diets together…

I created the Fat Flush because it’s what works for me, and a whole bunch of other people too… I love food, I love cooking, and I like being slim and feeling healthy. This is a winning combination for me, it makes me happy. So if you are on a diet, ask yourself; is it “the one”? Can you live with this partner for the rest of your life?


Mindset is the key to success!!!
It is so important to be great role models for our kids. Fixed mindset V’s growth mindset. Which mindset do you have? Also some ways of getting your kids to identify if they are in the fixed mindset and how to rephrase things into a growth mindset. Success all starts with self belief.2017-09-01 14.55.35

Questions about the Fat Flush??

I normally get loads of messages with heaps of questions… here are the most common one’s answered for you…

What do you get?
An 12 week fitness program that includes
—> a weekly workout program
—> 3 eating options (Vegan, Breastfeeding Mum’s, Meat Eater)
—> motivational videos
—> Access to a private FB community of supportive, inspiring people doing/completed the program

What is the cost?
A once off payment of only $77AU (About $60USD or £57 or €51)

Is it one off, or monthly?
Once off payment, no more to pay. You get the complete program and you get it for life. We don’t like charging for the same thing over and over again. Even if you fall off the wagon, or life gets in the way, you can just pick up where you left off or start it again when you’re ready.

How is it delivered?
As soon as you register, you will get sent an email with the first 4 weeks fitness, a shopping list, mindset activities and the 4 Week Fat Flush Program.

There is also a private Facebook group The Fat Flush Forum, that you will be part of with lots of others sharing their amazing stories and inspiration. Pretty much every single day, someone posts their 4, 8 or 12 week transformation. Because of privacy, you will be added manually. Please be patient and if you haven’t been added right away, you will be sent a link so that I can add you to the forum.

How long are the workouts?
Most are less than 15 minutes. Some are 4-5 mins, others a little longer.

Can I do this while breastfeeding?
There are plenty of mums doing this while breastfeeding. In fact many report increased supply.

Is it family friendly?
Yes, you use your kids for some workouts and the food is not fancy-single-girl-has-nothing-but-time recipes. The food is family food, easy and fast to make with no weirdo ingredients.

Can I buy now and start later?
Of course, you only pay once, and you get the program for life.

Can I purchase via PayPal?
Absolutely! Paypal is one of the payment options.

What about Vegan or Vegetarian?
There is a whole community of Vego and Vegans inside the FB group that help one another out with recipes etc.

Is there a program for men?
Yes, most of the group are women but men are also able to follow the program. It is a great way to bring some extra fun, joy and family time into your life. Many mums say that they found working out with hubby to be very sexy.

How soon can I start?
register right now and you and start right now, it’s all delivered immediately…

I’m ready, where do I go?
Register here:

See you in the forum!

Tee xx

How to Lose Belly Fat at Any Age

How many times have you been told that middle age spread—the weight gain that comes with hitting 40 and beyond—is unavoidable? Well, next time someone starts going on about the inevitable metabolic slowdown, know this: You can turn the ship around. It’s not even that hard.

Metabolic slowdown is a real thing. It’s due to your muscle mass declining—by up to eight percent each decade after age 30 and up to 10 percent after the big 5-0. “You lose about a half pound of lean muscle every year in your twenties, thirties, and forties, and once you hit your fifties, you lose roughly a pound a year,” says Wayne Westcott, Ph.D., an exercise physiologist at Quincy College in Boston. Although researchers aren’t exactly sure how this happens, the leading theory is that your body starts breaking down muscle at a faster rate than it can build it back up again. Muscle is metabolically active, so your metabolism slows as it declines

So what do you think might reverse the trend? That’s right, more muscle!

Research shows that lifting weights twice a week for 25 minutes will get you the additional brawn to keep your metabolism humming. One study done by Westcott of more than 1,600 people between the ages of 21 and 80 showed a muscle gain of around 3.1 pounds after 10 weeks of resistance training twice a week. “That’s the equivalent of reversing about six years of ageing,” says Westcott. The subjects did one set of 12 different exercises, using a high enough weight that they fatigued after eight to 12 reps. Best part is, it didn’t matter whether they were 25 or 75, there were similar results across all age groups. We’re sold!

My Stories…

12 years ago I was a size 20 and 98 kg… I was in my mid 20’s and felt like life was passing me by. I wanted to be happy, I wanted to have fun, I wanted to walk into a shop and pick out a cute outfit, and wear shorts in summer! I wanted to “fit in” I was always so unhappy and mean to myself and battled with Bulimia for 7 years. I have Maltese heritage and grew up with very strong European family values. Food was always an event and was always made a big deal of, this is where my passion for cooking came from.

When I was 22 I opened a soup cafe called Zuppa Uno in Darlinghurst Sydney, I did all the cooking (and all the eating) I was really successful and ended up manufacturing for prisons, hospitals, even supplying soup to all of the Sumo Salad franchises. Even tough life appeared good to outsiders inside my 5″2 body I was sad and an unhealthy 98kg, and this is when I decided that it was time to be kind to myself and start looking after my body.
It was hard and it took more than a week. I had to make lots of changes and had to learn how to say no… I realized I was depressed and so I went to see a psychiatrist, who put me on medication for anxiety and depression, which I am still taking today. I had to dig deep both emotionally and physically,  but it was the most important thing in my life and I wanted to change.

I joined Shazza’s Boot Camp in Sydney and I was the slowest, fattest and most unfit person in the group, but I got up and went to the three 6.15 am classes every week! I eventually got down to 52 kg’s,  I decided to sell my soup business and become a personal trainer and weight loss coach. I helped many of my clients lose weight and turn their life around.

Now I’m here to help you… I’ve created a super simple program to get you the body and most importantly the life you want to live… join me and all the other inspirational people who have done my program. Be an inspiration to others, be proud of yourself.  Don’t let another day go by feeling the way you do. Choose happy! Choose healthy! Be part of the Fat Flush Family we all welcome you.

Tee xx