I normally get loads of messages with heaps of questions… here are the most common one’s answered for you…

What do you get?

Shopping list
A weekly workout program for 8 weeks
3 eating options (Vegan, Breastfeeding Mumma’s, Carnivores)
Daily motivational tools
Access to a private FB community of supportive, inspiring people doing/completed the program

What is the cost?

$49. That’s it… I normally charge $50 for my 30 minute PT sessions, so much less than what myself or a nutritionist will charge you, and you get way more support and my expert advice whenever you need it.

Once you buy the Fat Flush, you get the complete program and you get it forever. I don’t like charging for the same thing over and over again. Even if you fall off the wagon, or life gets in the way, you can just pick up where you left off or start it again when you’re ready.

How is it delivered?

As soon as you register, you will get sent an email with the the link to join the Forum (our private support group) in the Forum you will find everything you need for the 4 Week Fat Flush Program.

The Fat Flush Forum, is what you will be part of with lots of others sharing their amazing stories and inspiration. Because of privacy, you will be added manually. Please be patient and if you haven’t been added right away, you will be sent a link so that I can add you to the forum.

How long are the workouts?

Most are less than 15 minutes. Some are 4 minutes and some are up to 45 minutes.

Can I do this while breastfeeding?

There are plenty of mum’s doing this while breastfeeding. In fact many report increased supply.

Is it family friendly?

Yes, you use your kids for some workouts (if you want) and the food is not expensive or complicated. The food is family food, easy and fast to make with no weirdo ingredients.

Can I buy now and start later?

Yep! once you make your first payment,  you get the program for life. You will only be charged ONCE!

Can I purchase via PayPal?

Absolutely! Paypal is one of the payment options.

What about Vegan or Vegetarian?

There is a whole community of Vego and Vegans inside the FB group that help one another out with recipes etc.

Is there a program for men?

Yes, most of the group are women but men are also able to follow the program.

How soon can I start?

NOW…  it’s all delivered immediately…

I’m ready, where do I go?
Register here:


See you in the forum!

Tee xx