Paleo Chicken & Coriander

For relish:
– 1/4 cup chopped coriander
– 1/4 cup of chopped red or yellow or combo of capsicum.
– just under 1/4 of olive oil. Your pick
– salt/ pepper
– crushed garlic
– a few tsp of lemon
– lemon zest
Mix all together and let sit for half hour.

Coriander aioli;
– make a mayo with a handful of coriander and roasted garlic.
When done, add quarter cup of chopped coriander some additional lemon zest and roasted garlic. Let sit and always taste for flavor.

For chicken;
– 2 tsp of cumin, sweet red pepper, garlic, salt, cardamon, oregano, honey
– 4 tsp of coconut aminos
– a gentle pour of EVOO or olive oil
– rough chop of coriander
– crushed garlic.
Mix all in a zip-lock bag and massage bag occasionally. I used 6 chicken legs and pocked with fork all around so we get flavor in. Or you will need two days to sit in bag.
Heat oven to 190 and bake for 25 min then turn legs and cook for 10 min, turn again and cook for 5-7 min.

To plate
Four aioli across plate, add chicken legs or whatever you like (I cut breast and thighs in half), pour relish across top and finish with some slice tomato in between. Voila and enjoy!


Love Shaz xx

The owner operators at GEO FIT OUTDOOR and the 4 WEEK FAT FLUSH are Tee and Sharon, and we both started in the fitness industry a looong time ago. I’m Sharon, AKA Shaz, and I’ve been a fitness professional for way over 20 years. Tonnette, AKA Tee, has over a decade up her sleeve.

I used to operate a fun and friendly boot camp business in Sydney for everyday people. I started that business, and became a trainer because I was into fitness and I felt I could create a friendlier and more welcoming experience than those I had encountered thus far. I used to go into gyms and the instructors all seemed to think fairly highly of themselves and not give you the time of day, thankfully things have changed these days. I enjoyed gym classes but ultimately I figured out I enjoyed outdoor training best, running, and using my body, instead of being indoors feeling not very welcomed and self conscious. To add to that, I moved to Sydney from Perth and found it hard to meet new people, if it wasn’t around drinking and clubbing. That’s when I realised, that the outdoor boot camp model could work (it was a fairly new concept back then) and with everyone living in tiny apartments, I just knew this would be good for people. I was then, and still am, very passionate about connections, community, and what outdoor group activity can do for a persons wellbeing and happiness. The very first boot camp I held, I advertised and didn’t even take names or money, I had 50 people stump up to the park! Yep, it was clearly something the community were ready to embrace!

About 12 years ago Tee showed up to one of those sessions, with low self esteem, shy, heavy, unhealthy, and unfit. She was 98kg’s and 5 foot 2 – she’s still 5 foot 2 by the way!
I found out later she’d been like this all her life and bullied all throughout her teenage years. I teamed her up with a friendly local girl, who showed her the ropes for the first couple of weeks and she’s never looked back! With my help, the support of the group, the training (albeit slow at first), and some food advice she went on to change her life entirely. She lost 45 kgs.

At the time she was in the food industry, supplying to the likes of Sumo Salads and once she started to gain confidence and believe what was possible she embarked on a new career as a personal trainer and weight-loss coach. Tee was a self-confessed fad, yo-yo and anything else you can think of dieter. You can honestly, ask her about any diet, and she can tell you about it; because she’s tried it and failed! After becoming a Personal Trainer, she took all the best parts of all that she learned, and developed her hightly successful 4 WEEK FAT FLUSH. She’s the support you get when you join that, and it’s successful because of the program and the support; she gets it, she’s been there. The program has developed along the way, to be the version it is today, but essentially she’s helped hundreds of people over the years to change their thinking and believe in change, and get to their goals.

As for me, our business was successful in Sydney but I started to feel I wanted more “lifestyle” out of life. I felt that although I was fit and healthy, that Sydney was too expensive and I wanted more from life, other than chasing my tail to make ends meet. Growing up in Perth, I knew all about this awesome “Down South” lifestyle, so GEO FIT OUTDOOR  was started here about 2 years ago. I was ready to come home after 20 years in Sydney.

We believe that life is for living and it’s all about the balance – yes that means we both still enjoy not only exercising near and on all these beautiful beaches, but also visiting the world class wineries and breweries of the region – win, win!

I think that now together, with our new down south offerings, we are a pretty good team.

Not only do we like to keep our prices affordable, we always like to offer a free week at our group fitness, so that you can come along and find out for yourself if we are the right “fit” for you.


This program is 4 weeks of creating new habits for a permanent lifestyle change forever.


️ If you are an ice cream lover and are that family that always has a tub of junk ice cream in the freezer. That will change from now. You are now the family that always has frozen bananas in the freezer


. Junk ice cream is not serving you or your fambam at all, not even as a ‘treat’.

Meet Choc Fruit n Nut Ice Cream



Today I made this for my tribe for afternoon tea after already making them plain ‘vanilla’ flavour for breakfast



Frozen Bananas
Raw Cacao powder
Almonds (actually a seed)
Dates (taste like chewy caramel 🤤)

Blend in high spend til it’s a creamy whip 🤤

It will taste like it’s going to make you fat


but you can’t get any healthier when it comes to Ice Cream!



The combinations are endless with this ice cream. Share your healthy combos below…

Here are a few more of mine…
Choc Caramel


banana, dates and cacao
Vanilla Choc chip


bananas and cacao nibs
Peppermint Choc chip


bananas, cacao nibs, avocado and peppermint oil


frozen banana and a tablespoon of coffee.


blend about 10 fresh strawberries and then add the frozen banana and blend.

I could keep going with combos but you get my point that the variations are endless!!

Live Your Truth

You know what’s the most uncomfortable thing on the planet? Living your truth!

Looking deep down and realizing all the stories, and bullshit you feed yourself on the daily.

I’m guilty of it in the past who isn’t?? I even have it tattooed on my arm to remind me to be myself!

Because bullshit makes us feel better about things like: laziness, being overweight, being unhappy, being unfulfilled in a job/relationship, where we are at in life.

The sooner we own our truth. Who we are, what we are NOT happy about and not going to settle for then you open up the windows of opportunity to change.

As the bullshit now goes from a want to change to a NEED TO CHANGE 100%

It’s no longer “I’m overweight BUT I’m busy, but I don’t have time, but it’s expensive to be healthy”…. to “I’ll prioritise my health, I will make time, I will cut back in other areas to invest in my health, I will be healthy”.

You can keep feeding yourself bullshit.

And smell like shit.

Or 👇

Smell like shit for less time 😂 and wash away the bullshit and grow ✌

The best way to move to a growth mindset and create happiness is getting REAL with yourself. What truly matters to YOU. What YOU really want and using the WHY behind this, the reality of WHY your doing something to motivate you even during the hardest moments.

So that your WHY over powers your bullshit

So that the WHY behind being healthy over powers your BULLSHIT to “treat yo self” on the daily.

Leave the bullshit behind, get accountable and change your life by owning your truth ❤❤❤️ YOU deserve the best life. FB_IMG_1516747910370

New Years resolutions are fun but so are your old bad habits!

There super comfortable.
They fit like a glove. Hence why it’s HARD as HELL to create NEW good habits.

How many times have you made a goal or resolution and failed ❓

Guilty 😂 so WHY do people fail and how you you do better sticking to actual change and growth in 2018 to live a improved quality of life physically and mentally ❓

👉 FACT is most people FAIL New Years resolutions or goal setting with the first 15 days…where day 25 of the new year, how are you going with them?

It also can take up to 21 days to create a good habit and less than a few days off these habits to mess them up and go back to bad ones… so what can we do ❓ it’s SO easy to SAY you want something, we all want more, but are you actively doing it or just saying it. “I want to be leaner, I want to be stronger in 2018” awesome so What Action steps are you taking DAILY, to achieve said results.

💡 TASK TODAY, comment if you do it, Iwould love to hear 💡

✅ write down 5 x bad habits that go in the opposite direction of your goals (eg wasting time on social media, not enough sleep, don’t meal prep, inconsistent training and excuses) etc…

✅ now write down 5 NEW daily habits that FIX the above and offer a solution. Eg limit time on social media to 1 hour per day, instead of watching Netflix on the couch do it while stretching or some cardio or go train instead if TIME is a common excuse

👉 KISS (keep it simple stupid) principles, that you can do DAILY. Have these VISUAL daily, on a white board, notes in your phone etc and tick them off DAILY.

✅ DAILY REVIEW at the end of everyday see what you did well and not so well, how your day went Health and fitness wise and how you can do better tomorrow OR consistent if you smashed it. Days won’t be perfect so focus on this reflection time as VITAL.

Take that accountability than just saying “it was a bad day” because that can spiral into a week and month and YEAR! Block it there and go “how can I improve tomorrow” as results come from consistency

👉 TRACK your progress and re assess your goals and results every 4-6 weeks, to feel motivated and feel the sense of WINS which can mentally help you if you had large long term goals that feel so far away.

Don’t let those bad habits that held you back in 2017 stop your results. Instead be HONEST and real with yourself and your flaws to help you grow rather than just brushing them under the rug. Get uncomfortable to change.

Do the Un FUN part of habit change which is the first 15-21 days 👌

COMMENT if this helped ✌


 Just like pessimism is a habit.

Change your habits, and you’ll change your life.

This is not some cheesy throw away comment that people post, because they have to say SOMETHING.

Negative thoughts breed. Have you noticed if you start the day with a negative thought, like “it’s a shit day today,” then the rest of the day kinda follows suite. If it was gray outside, I used to feel gray.

Jealousy is the same. If you start the day on Facebook…

Wait a sec. If you have any friends on Facebook that don’t increase the value of your life, just unfollow them. They’ll never know you unfollowed them. You’ll stay friends, but you won’t see anything they post at all. If you’re going to spend time on FB, then you may as well make it worth YOUR while.

But if you do happen to start the day flicking through FB while you’re “having your morning coffee,” or “just checking something” and you think, “bloody botch, she’s just lucky,” then the rest of the day you find other people/situations to justify and support your thoughts. You’ll even go and find some other jealous people to collude with (gossip). Jealousy breeds more jealousy.

So here’s the thing. What are you allowing to control thoughts? The weather? Someone on Facebook? Your workmates? Your kids? Your spouse?

The key word here is ALLOWING.

What are you ALLOWING to control your thoughts?

Because for it to affect you, you have to ALLOW it. So you get to choose. Are you going to ALLOW something negative to affect your mood, or are you going to only ALLOW positive things to affect your mood?

Take it a step further and control your own mood. ACT optimistic and you will BECOME optimistic. Think only positive thoughts and in (not much) time all you will see is positives. Even in places where you used to only see negatives.


First, start the day off positive. “win the morning and you’ll win the day” is a saying we like to use and it WORKS.

In the Fat Flush program (link at the end), we say “Daily’s”. A number of statements that you say to yourself in the morning such as:

> I am happy
> I am Fit
> I am healthy
> I am present

The key to success with this is to say them with conviction. BELIEVE them and FEEL them when you say them. Trick your mind and body into believing them and they will in time become truths, not just affirmations.

The next big key is to turn negatives. If someone says “It’s a shit day,” you can say “it’s a great day because we can have a movie day.”

When you start looking for the positives, you’ll find them.

Here are some examples:
“I’m so heavy.”
> If I start exercising at this weight, can you imagine how strong I’ll be when I get to my goal weight

“I have no money.”
> I’m getting really good at surviving with very little, so when I do get lots of money, I’ll be good with it.

“this is toooo harrrrrd”
>everything seems hard when I first start it. I just have to be patient with myself.

“I have no time”
>I am super efficient and effective, I’ll make the time.

“It’s too confusing, I’m overwhelmed, I don’t understand”
> Everything is difficult when we first start it. I am smart, articulate and patient. I will stick with it until I understand it.

So how are you feeling today?images (5)

Your Fat Is Killing You!



Last Friday November the 3rd, I got a phone call from my mother in Sydney to tell me that her brother was found dead. I’m sharing this with anyone who is reading because he died from obesity. My Uncle was overweight all his life, and as he got older he got fatter! He was slowly committing suicide. He turned 60 in May this year, which in my opinion is way too young to die, especially from something so preventable.

Being healthy is so important to me, I grew up in a very European family where love was showed through food. Eating, cooking and getting together over massive feasts were normal. If you didn’t eat, there was something wrong with you, or if you left food on your plate, you were wasting! Pretty much everyone in my family are over weight or obese and this seems like it is becoming the “norm” . In Australia half of all adults between the age of 25 and 49 are over weight, but the most shocking thing is that one third of those adults see themselves as a healthy weight.  So my question to you is, do you know what your BMI is?  If you don’t then I strongly suggest you do, you can check where you stand using this BMI Calculator.


I know people think its never going to happen to them… do you really know what being over weight can do to your body? Here are just some of the health problems associated with being over weight.

Life is short, take care of your body and ask yourself the question… “What is my health worth” can you do without a few fun things in your life for a few weeks until you get your weight under control; like beer, wine, pizza or chocolate? Are you an emotional eater? If you are and it’s out of control, then maybe you need to see someone about your mental health. You are important to lots of people, so take care of yourself. we only have one life and one body, lets keep it happy and healthy.



Tee xx


The First Day Back From Holiday!

Ok… So I’ve been away for a week on holiday, visiting family and friends in my hometown of Sydney. I had such a great time, eating out and drinking catch up’s , and I totally let myself have the week off. BUT. Now i’m back and the holiday is over, it’s time to get my head back in the game…

My point, you ask; well I totally believe that you need to give yourself a break every now and then. I’m not saying that you should reward yourself with food and alcohol, however if this is what you enjoy doing, then you should do it. The hardest part for most people is knowing when the break is over. I totally get it and I’ve been there, the holiday continues for another month when you get home. Learning to break these habits are really hard and we all fall of the wagon. Mindset is so important! Understanding your weakness and getting through them is what makes you rock solid in your mind.

So today is my first day back on the Fat Flush… I have a really important goal to get to before the end of the year and I’m sooooooo close. I will explain in another post. I’m feeling strong and confident and I know i can do this. I have the support from my Fat Flush Fam in the Forum and I know that we are all doing this for the same reason.

So watch this space!

Tee xx

Mum of 2 Jenelle

Since being on the fat flush I have lost 3kg. Tee helped me to lose 3kg prior to that, so in Jan 17 I was 62kg and in Oct 17 I’m 56kg, Now I’m 54kg. Not a huge amount of weight to lose but on a short/small person, 6kg really does show! My muffin top would roll on top of my jeans, my butt would wobble out of the bottom of my bathers and my arms would wobble. Now I love the feeling of being lighter, my stomach doesn’t roll over my jeans and also because of the food I actually feel lighter, rather than that hungry, then totally stuffed full feeling.

Besides weight loss my mental approach to food and fitness has changed. When you have kids it’s very hard to put yourself first. But by putting food and exercise at the top of my to do list, I’m helping myself and my family.
The meal plans are easy and simple to follow.  I’m mostly vegetarian, husband is a meat eater and the kids are fussy. Meals used to consume me, seriously! So the one thing we all liked was pasta and it’s quick and easy. But those days are gone. The FF meal program makes you organized and I’m not cooking for hours from difficult recipes. I don’t even look at the meal plan anymore, I know what I can consume and I can make a week worth of meals in a short space of time.
Prior to the program I would squeeze a couple of gym sessions in a week, around work and kids and FIFO husband. But that was just maintaining my wobbly bits, not making them disappear. This is a no excuses program. I’m a busy working Mum, kids aren’t at full time school and my husband is FIFO. These aren’t excuses anymore that get in the way of my health and fitness program. The FF program is so easy that it fits around our busy lives.
The exercise program is easy and ranges from short at home sessions to longer walks or runs to get you moving. Two months ago I couldn’t run 1km. Now I can run 6km and I’m working up to 10km as I have entered in a running event. Two weeks ago I ran in a 5km event and came third in my division. Two months ago I said “I can’t run, I hate running”.
The Forum is a great support. I’m a private person but as this is a forum only for FF I have communicated a lot and have found it worthwhile. There is no pressure to post your ‘before’ photos and I certainly didn’t at the start! When I took those photos I was so embarrassed about those wobbly bits I didn’t even want to look at them myself! But now I’m 56kg, I went a brought myself a bright red bikini and took photos and posted my before and after photos all over that forum!
The forum is great for ideas for food and exercise as well as to communicate when you are perhaps having a ‘meh’ moment. One time I was really wanting a glass of champagne. My mum was coming over, it was the end of a work day, the sun was shining. The champagne devil was in my head. I had a quick scroll through my phone and someone had posted a pic on the forum of their Friday night drink – a soda with lime and mint. It looked so good it’s what I had for my Friday night drink too.
The FF program is easy, cheap and flexible. Whether you’re 50kg over weight or 5kg overweight it can help you. This program has helped me achieve my goals and I’m not broke or starving and I still have a life and have that occasional dinner and drinks with friends.