This is what one of our members Christine who is 58 posted in our forum Week 3 on FF

I would like to share my story on this forum in the hope at least one more person is inspired to give it a good crack. I can promise if you really want to make changes you will have so much support for it to work for you like it has for me….if any of you are wondering should you start the new challenge on Friday the answer is YES – Just do it !! Dont make excuses why you cant.

Well, WOW … I cant believe how quickly  4 weeks has gone and how amazingly better I am feeling from Day One to Day 26. Sleeping better, more energy, less stressed and really happy (and quite surprised) with where I am at with my targets.
6 weeks ago I was the one regularly with the champagne in hand snacking on cheese and crackers adjusting my slightly too tight clothes thinking once again about my ever increasing body shape and wondering if I could even still fit into my gym clothes. My “short break” from Crossfit was stretching into  2 and half years and I was not liking how sluggish I was feeling. Beach walks on Sundays to give the fur babies exercise were becoming shorter and shorter and the paddleboard didnt even get wet after Xmas. Worst of all my gorgeous little 14 month old grandson Hudson had learned how to run and I was thinking how the heck am I going to keep up with him all day on my Monday and Tuesday grandma duties.
I decided I didnt want anymore to be  thinking of what I “could” have or “should” have done to improve my health and fitness levels – the time for accountability to myself was right here, right now !
So I signed myself up and with much dread turned up to my first few Geofit sessions. I felt embarrassed not being able to run around the oval and knew I was going to be that one that couldnt finish everything. But there was only support and encouragement and I felt welcome and included. I could work hard at my level, rest when I needed and keep going and make good progress. I am not the fastest or the fittest out there but I am certainly faster and fitter than that first day.
In 3 weeks on Fat Flush I have lost
8.8 kg weight
Bust 8 cm
Waist 12 cm
Hips 6 cm
Each Thigh 4 cm
Each Arm 2 cm
When I look back on my goal sheet and results I feel proud of myself to have learned  some life changing better habits. I believe this has been possible because the structure of this programme supports you so well to make the conscious and subconscious  decisions to succeed. I have learned to question my previous food choices and be aware of how I need to fuel this aging body for better overall wellbeing in order to feel great and energised every single valuable day.
And finally…I read it every day on my fridge : “A goal is a dream with a deadline” – and mine is ❤sexy at sixty ❤…. only a few years to go !!!
Thanks everyone on this forum …good luck with your personal journies you are all amazing xx

Tee xx

Give Some Love To Tania!

Signing up with Tee was my last ditch effort before getting a Gastric Lap Band.
Tee was the first person that made me believe that I could lose weight, get healthy and fit. I learnt how to eat and exercise and together with tee’s enthusiasm and patience I reached my goal of losing 28 kg and without a lap band!

Ps. Serge and I love you Tee for the beautiful generous person you are and for what you have taught me. Don’t ever change gorgeous lady xxoo

This is Bob!



I’m on the cusp of turning 50 next year and yes, my metabolism is slowing down. My waistline naturally wants to expand with some of the food and beer I love and have loved for years and was putting on an average of 1kg a year. By the time I am 60 I’ll be 10-15kg heavier….in the waistline no doubt.

I’m fortunate to have a wife, Jacqui, who keeps reminding me of my diet and through the Geofit family we both started the Fat Flush 2 months ago. We lasted the month and both lost 5-6kg! Such joy and so rewarding after the hard work of resisting all the temptations of everyday life. It’s a great feeling when my pants get too big and the belt buckle tightens up a notch.

So since we finished the first month we sort of indulged with the beer and wine lifestyle but you know the great thing is we are still aware of what food we are putting in our mouths. Our meal plans and portions were somewhat similar so I guess we picked up the habit from the Fat Flush program although some of the favourite stodgy food creeps in, but less of it.

Now this week I have somehow been convinced by Jacqui to start another month so I jumped on the scales yesterday and was surprised I had only gained about half a kilo since we finished the first round. Jacqui had remained about the same so onwards to the next 5kg reduction for us.

Thanks Tee for introducing us to this way of thinking and thanks Sharon for the fun fitness program.