10 Tips To Save Calories

Summer bodies are made in winter,  and most of us will think about getting our bodies ready for summer clothes. Problem is some of us are too busy working and raising children to get to the gym. Here is a list of ways to make small daily changes in your diet to cut calories and fat.

  1. Avoid packaged convenient foods. Yes they do save us some time but if you actually read fat and calorie content for these foods they are very high in comparison to foods made fresh, not to mention all those added preservatives.
  2. Try to reduce or omit the amount of added butter to vegetables and potatoes. Sure, butter does taste good, but you will get used to tasting the real flavor of the vegetables instead of the butter.
  3. Try substituting fat free chicken stock or broth into your mashed potatoes.  I use an electric mixer to whip them up light and fluffy.
  4. Try unsweetened vanilla flavored almond milk in your cereal. One cup of almond milk is only 30 calories while skim milk has 80.
  5. Trim the fat off you meats before you cook them.
  6. Try substituting ground turkey for beef in meals like chili and tacos.  You wont be able to tell the difference especially in spicier dishes.
  7. Buy plain yogurt and add your own fruit or even just a touch of honey if you need the sweetness.  Sugar is added to most flavored yogurt cups, even in the fat free varieties.
  8. Read labels constantly.  Sugar is added to so many foods these days, it’s no wonder why our society has a weight problem.  Check your favorite spaghetti sauce jar, or peanut butter you may be surprised to see sugar as one of the ingredients.  There are sauces out there that don’t have added sugar.  I buy my store brand marinara that only has tomatoes, olive oil, garlic and onion and spices.  I use Teddy peanut butter, no added sugar or palm oil, only peanuts and salt.  Keep this peanut butter in the fridge so the oil doesn’t separate from the peanuts.
  9. Buy reduced fat cheeses instead of full fat or leave the cheese off entirely.
  10. Buy 100% whole wheat bread.  Again, check the sugar content.  Some manufacturer’s use terms like fructose or cane syrup to disguise sugar in the ingredients.