Love Shaz xx

The owner operators at GEO FIT OUTDOOR and the 4 WEEK FAT FLUSH are Tee and Sharon, and we both started in the fitness industry a looong time ago. I’m Sharon, AKA Shaz, and I’ve been a fitness professional for way over 20 years. Tonnette, AKA Tee, has over a decade up her sleeve.

I used to operate a fun and friendly boot camp business in Sydney for everyday people. I started that business, and became a trainer because I was into fitness and I felt I could create a friendlier and more welcoming experience than those I had encountered thus far. I used to go into gyms and the instructors all seemed to think fairly highly of themselves and not give you the time of day, thankfully things have changed these days. I enjoyed gym classes but ultimately I figured out I enjoyed outdoor training best, running, and using my body, instead of being indoors feeling not very welcomed and self conscious. To add to that, I moved to Sydney from Perth and found it hard to meet new people, if it wasn’t around drinking and clubbing. That’s when I realised, that the outdoor boot camp model could work (it was a fairly new concept back then) and with everyone living in tiny apartments, I just knew this would be good for people. I was then, and still am, very passionate about connections, community, and what outdoor group activity can do for a persons wellbeing and happiness. The very first boot camp I held, I advertised and didn’t even take names or money, I had 50 people stump up to the park! Yep, it was clearly something the community were ready to embrace!

About 12 years ago Tee showed up to one of those sessions, with low self esteem, shy, heavy, unhealthy, and unfit. She was 98kg’s and 5 foot 2 – she’s still 5 foot 2 by the way!
I found out later she’d been like this all her life and bullied all throughout her teenage years. I teamed her up with a friendly local girl, who showed her the ropes for the first couple of weeks and she’s never looked back! With my help, the support of the group, the training (albeit slow at first), and some food advice she went on to change her life entirely. She lost 45 kgs.

At the time she was in the food industry, supplying to the likes of Sumo Salads and once she started to gain confidence and believe what was possible she embarked on a new career as a personal trainer and weight-loss coach. Tee was a self-confessed fad, yo-yo and anything else you can think of dieter. You can honestly, ask her about any diet, and she can tell you about it; because she’s tried it and failed! After becoming a Personal Trainer, she took all the best parts of all that she learned, and developed her hightly successful 4 WEEK FAT FLUSH. She’s the support you get when you join that, and it’s successful because of the program and the support; she gets it, she’s been there. The program has developed along the way, to be the version it is today, but essentially she’s helped hundreds of people over the years to change their thinking and believe in change, and get to their goals.

As for me, our business was successful in Sydney but I started to feel I wanted more “lifestyle” out of life. I felt that although I was fit and healthy, that Sydney was too expensive and I wanted more from life, other than chasing my tail to make ends meet. Growing up in Perth, I knew all about this awesome “Down South” lifestyle, so GEO FIT OUTDOOR  was started here about 2 years ago. I was ready to come home after 20 years in Sydney.

We believe that life is for living and it’s all about the balance – yes that means we both still enjoy not only exercising near and on all these beautiful beaches, but also visiting the world class wineries and breweries of the region – win, win!

I think that now together, with our new down south offerings, we are a pretty good team.

Not only do we like to keep our prices affordable, we always like to offer a free week at our group fitness, so that you can come along and find out for yourself if we are the right “fit” for you.