Live Your Truth

You know what’s the most uncomfortable thing on the planet? Living your truth!

Looking deep down and realizing all the stories, and bullshit you feed yourself on the daily.

I’m guilty of it in the past who isn’t?? I even have it tattooed on my arm to remind me to be myself!

Because bullshit makes us feel better about things like: laziness, being overweight, being unhappy, being unfulfilled in a job/relationship, where we are at in life.

The sooner we own our truth. Who we are, what we are NOT happy about and not going to settle for then you open up the windows of opportunity to change.

As the bullshit now goes from a want to change to a NEED TO CHANGE 100%

It’s no longer “I’m overweight BUT I’m busy, but I don’t have time, but it’s expensive to be healthy”…. to “I’ll prioritise my health, I will make time, I will cut back in other areas to invest in my health, I will be healthy”.

You can keep feeding yourself bullshit.

And smell like shit.

Or 👇

Smell like shit for less time 😂 and wash away the bullshit and grow ✌

The best way to move to a growth mindset and create happiness is getting REAL with yourself. What truly matters to YOU. What YOU really want and using the WHY behind this, the reality of WHY your doing something to motivate you even during the hardest moments.

So that your WHY over powers your bullshit

So that the WHY behind being healthy over powers your BULLSHIT to “treat yo self” on the daily.

Leave the bullshit behind, get accountable and change your life by owning your truth ❤❤❤️ YOU deserve the best life. FB_IMG_1516747910370