New Years resolutions are fun but so are your old bad habits!

There super comfortable.
They fit like a glove. Hence why it’s HARD as HELL to create NEW good habits.

How many times have you made a goal or resolution and failed ❓

Guilty 😂 so WHY do people fail and how you you do better sticking to actual change and growth in 2018 to live a improved quality of life physically and mentally ❓

👉 FACT is most people FAIL New Years resolutions or goal setting with the first 15 days…where day 25 of the new year, how are you going with them?

It also can take up to 21 days to create a good habit and less than a few days off these habits to mess them up and go back to bad ones… so what can we do ❓ it’s SO easy to SAY you want something, we all want more, but are you actively doing it or just saying it. “I want to be leaner, I want to be stronger in 2018” awesome so What Action steps are you taking DAILY, to achieve said results.

💡 TASK TODAY, comment if you do it, Iwould love to hear 💡

✅ write down 5 x bad habits that go in the opposite direction of your goals (eg wasting time on social media, not enough sleep, don’t meal prep, inconsistent training and excuses) etc…

✅ now write down 5 NEW daily habits that FIX the above and offer a solution. Eg limit time on social media to 1 hour per day, instead of watching Netflix on the couch do it while stretching or some cardio or go train instead if TIME is a common excuse

👉 KISS (keep it simple stupid) principles, that you can do DAILY. Have these VISUAL daily, on a white board, notes in your phone etc and tick them off DAILY.

✅ DAILY REVIEW at the end of everyday see what you did well and not so well, how your day went Health and fitness wise and how you can do better tomorrow OR consistent if you smashed it. Days won’t be perfect so focus on this reflection time as VITAL.

Take that accountability than just saying “it was a bad day” because that can spiral into a week and month and YEAR! Block it there and go “how can I improve tomorrow” as results come from consistency

👉 TRACK your progress and re assess your goals and results every 4-6 weeks, to feel motivated and feel the sense of WINS which can mentally help you if you had large long term goals that feel so far away.

Don’t let those bad habits that held you back in 2017 stop your results. Instead be HONEST and real with yourself and your flaws to help you grow rather than just brushing them under the rug. Get uncomfortable to change.

Do the Un FUN part of habit change which is the first 15-21 days 👌

COMMENT if this helped ✌