Just like pessimism is a habit.

Change your habits, and you’ll change your life.

This is not some cheesy throw away comment that people post, because they have to say SOMETHING.

Negative thoughts breed. Have you noticed if you start the day with a negative thought, like “it’s a shit day today,” then the rest of the day kinda follows suite. If it was gray outside, I used to feel gray.

Jealousy is the same. If you start the day on Facebook…

Wait a sec. If you have any friends on Facebook that don’t increase the value of your life, just unfollow them. They’ll never know you unfollowed them. You’ll stay friends, but you won’t see anything they post at all. If you’re going to spend time on FB, then you may as well make it worth YOUR while.

But if you do happen to start the day flicking through FB while you’re “having your morning coffee,” or “just checking something” and you think, “bloody botch, she’s just lucky,” then the rest of the day you find other people/situations to justify and support your thoughts. You’ll even go and find some other jealous people to collude with (gossip). Jealousy breeds more jealousy.

So here’s the thing. What are you allowing to control thoughts? The weather? Someone on Facebook? Your workmates? Your kids? Your spouse?

The key word here is ALLOWING.

What are you ALLOWING to control your thoughts?

Because for it to affect you, you have to ALLOW it. So you get to choose. Are you going to ALLOW something negative to affect your mood, or are you going to only ALLOW positive things to affect your mood?

Take it a step further and control your own mood. ACT optimistic and you will BECOME optimistic. Think only positive thoughts and in (not much) time all you will see is positives. Even in places where you used to only see negatives.


First, start the day off positive. “win the morning and you’ll win the day” is a saying we like to use and it WORKS.

In the Fat Flush program (link at the end), we say “Daily’s”. A number of statements that you say to yourself in the morning such as:

> I am happy
> I am Fit
> I am healthy
> I am present

The key to success with this is to say them with conviction. BELIEVE them and FEEL them when you say them. Trick your mind and body into believing them and they will in time become truths, not just affirmations.

The next big key is to turn negatives. If someone says “It’s a shit day,” you can say “it’s a great day because we can have a movie day.”

When you start looking for the positives, you’ll find them.

Here are some examples:
“I’m so heavy.”
> If I start exercising at this weight, can you imagine how strong I’ll be when I get to my goal weight

“I have no money.”
> I’m getting really good at surviving with very little, so when I do get lots of money, I’ll be good with it.

“this is toooo harrrrrd”
>everything seems hard when I first start it. I just have to be patient with myself.

“I have no time”
>I am super efficient and effective, I’ll make the time.

“It’s too confusing, I’m overwhelmed, I don’t understand”
> Everything is difficult when we first start it. I am smart, articulate and patient. I will stick with it until I understand it.

So how are you feeling today?images (5)