Your Fat Is Killing You!



Last Friday November the 3rd, I got a phone call from my mother in Sydney to tell me that her brother was found dead. I’m sharing this with anyone who is reading because he died from obesity. My Uncle was overweight all his life, and as he got older he got fatter! He was slowly committing suicide. He turned 60 in May this year, which in my opinion is way too young to die, especially from something so preventable.

Being healthy is so important to me, I grew up in a very European family where love was showed through food. Eating, cooking and getting together over massive feasts were normal. If you didn’t eat, there was something wrong with you, or if you left food on your plate, you were wasting! Pretty much everyone in my family are over weight or obese and this seems like it is becoming the “norm” . In Australia half of all adults between the age of 25 and 49 are over weight, but the most shocking thing is that one third of those adults see themselves as a healthy weight.  So my question to you is, do you know what your BMI is?  If you don’t then I strongly suggest you do, you can check where you stand using this BMI Calculator.


I know people think its never going to happen to them… do you really know what being over weight can do to your body? Here are just some of the health problems associated with being over weight.

Life is short, take care of your body and ask yourself the question… “What is my health worth” can you do without a few fun things in your life for a few weeks until you get your weight under control; like beer, wine, pizza or chocolate? Are you an emotional eater? If you are and it’s out of control, then maybe you need to see someone about your mental health. You are important to lots of people, so take care of yourself. we only have one life and one body, lets keep it happy and healthy.



Tee xx