The First Day Back From Holiday!

Ok… So I’ve been away for a week on holiday, visiting family and friends in my hometown of Sydney. I had such a great time, eating out and drinking catch up’s , and I totally let myself have the week off. BUT. Now i’m back and the holiday is over, it’s time to get my head back in the game…

My point, you ask; well I totally believe that you need to give yourself a break every now and then. I’m not saying that you should reward yourself with food and alcohol, however if this is what you enjoy doing, then you should do it. The hardest part for most people is knowing when the break is over. I totally get it and I’ve been there, the holiday continues for another month when you get home. Learning to break these habits are really hard and we all fall of the wagon. Mindset is so important! Understanding your weakness and getting through them is what makes you rock solid in your mind.

So today is my first day back on the Fat Flush… I have a really important goal to get to before the end of the year and I’m sooooooo close. I will explain in another post. I’m feeling strong and confident and I know i can do this. I have the support from my Fat Flush Fam in the Forum and I know that we are all doing this for the same reason.

So watch this space!

Tee xx