Mum of 2 Jenelle

Since being on the fat flush I have lost 3kg. Tee helped me to lose 3kg prior to that, so in Jan 17 I was 62kg and in Oct 17 I’m 56kg, Now I’m 54kg. Not a huge amount of weight to lose but on a short/small person, 6kg really does show! My muffin top would roll on top of my jeans, my butt would wobble out of the bottom of my bathers and my arms would wobble. Now I love the feeling of being lighter, my stomach doesn’t roll over my jeans and also because of the food I actually feel lighter, rather than that hungry, then totally stuffed full feeling.

Besides weight loss my mental approach to food and fitness has changed. When you have kids it’s very hard to put yourself first. But by putting food and exercise at the top of my to do list, I’m helping myself and my family.
The meal plans are easy and simple to follow.  I’m mostly vegetarian, husband is a meat eater and the kids are fussy. Meals used to consume me, seriously! So the one thing we all liked was pasta and it’s quick and easy. But those days are gone. The FF meal program makes you organized and I’m not cooking for hours from difficult recipes. I don’t even look at the meal plan anymore, I know what I can consume and I can make a week worth of meals in a short space of time.
Prior to the program I would squeeze a couple of gym sessions in a week, around work and kids and FIFO husband. But that was just maintaining my wobbly bits, not making them disappear. This is a no excuses program. I’m a busy working Mum, kids aren’t at full time school and my husband is FIFO. These aren’t excuses anymore that get in the way of my health and fitness program. The FF program is so easy that it fits around our busy lives.
The exercise program is easy and ranges from short at home sessions to longer walks or runs to get you moving. Two months ago I couldn’t run 1km. Now I can run 6km and I’m working up to 10km as I have entered in a running event. Two weeks ago I ran in a 5km event and came third in my division. Two months ago I said “I can’t run, I hate running”.
The Forum is a great support. I’m a private person but as this is a forum only for FF I have communicated a lot and have found it worthwhile. There is no pressure to post your ‘before’ photos and I certainly didn’t at the start! When I took those photos I was so embarrassed about those wobbly bits I didn’t even want to look at them myself! But now I’m 56kg, I went a brought myself a bright red bikini and took photos and posted my before and after photos all over that forum!
The forum is great for ideas for food and exercise as well as to communicate when you are perhaps having a ‘meh’ moment. One time I was really wanting a glass of champagne. My mum was coming over, it was the end of a work day, the sun was shining. The champagne devil was in my head. I had a quick scroll through my phone and someone had posted a pic on the forum of their Friday night drink – a soda with lime and mint. It looked so good it’s what I had for my Friday night drink too.
The FF program is easy, cheap and flexible. Whether you’re 50kg over weight or 5kg overweight it can help you. This program has helped me achieve my goals and I’m not broke or starving and I still have a life and have that occasional dinner and drinks with friends.