The Professional Dieter…

There is lots of advice out there about diets… This can be really tricky when you are on one, because everyone has an opinion about what you are doing and what you are not doing.

For me as a personal trainer, it makes my job really hard when I put my clients on my Fat Flush. They often want to alter it because of other diets they have been on in the past, and because of advice they have been given from someone else. The truth of the matter is, 99% of diets work! Yep… you heard me, they work. What dos’nt work is when you jumble them all up together. You have to make a choice and commit to it 100% for it to work for you.

Ive been on a diet for as long as I can remember… my first experience of a diet was when I was 7 and found my mums diet pills. I decided to take one to see if I would miraculously get skinny… I was a fat kid. Well the pill didn’t work, it just gave me a massive migraine all day at school. Since then I have tried every diet there is, yes I am a professional dieter! Like most people who are overweight and unhappy with themselves, you want a solution, you want to be thin, you want to feel happy and you believe you will do anything to get it. This however is not the case, we start a “diet” ant stick to it for as long as we can before something gets in the way , or you get advice from someone telling you that the “diet” you are on is too high in fat, or that its too low in protein bla bla bla… so you fall off the wagon, and stay fat.

Finding the right diet is like finding the right partner… it is a very personal choice. What works for some doesn’t always work for others. You have to make the decision to stick to the diet you have chosen and commit to it 100% and not try and mix 7 diets together…

I created the Fat Flush because it’s what works for me, and a whole bunch of other people too… I love food, I love cooking, and I like being slim and feeling healthy. This is a winning combination for me, it makes me happy. So if you are on a diet, ask yourself; is it “the one”? Can you live with this partner for the rest of your life?

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